Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving week is upon us! Soon many of us will gather with family and friends to enjoy the holiday. With turkey with dressing and all the goodies, over indulging can quickly take over. So what do you do to combat the battle of the bulge during the holiday season? Here are a few tips to keep the scale in check and your feet happy - after all, they have to tote you around and a few pounds that you consumed.

Wake up Thanksgiving morning and head out for a nice walk with the dog or visitors staying at your home. If you are into running, think about a turkey trot. Distances vary with the most important focus of just having fun. To find a trot access www.active.com and search in your area. You might just start a new tradition.

If you are hosting a gathering at your home, remember to take care of you. Schedule your day allowing for rest time and your eating schedule. Refrain from the infamous "taste testing". Calories add up and can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Think healthy for your guests. Many recipes now offer reduced fat/calorie options. Substituting ingredients for a more heart healthy option can help you and your guests be happy and healthier.

Consider lighter options when consuming adult beverages or better yet, forego them all together. Be present in the holiday celebration to make an everlasting wonderful memory.

Do you like to watch the parade each year on T.V.? Go right ahead but try a different twist. Try doing yoga poses or calisthenics.  YouTube offers videos free of charge showing you proper form and technique. Make it a challenge for all watching with you - how many push ups can be done during the commercial break, each time you hear the words turkey or thanksgiving everybody does 20 sit ups on the floor then take a big long stretch! Make it fun with fitness in mind!

Enjoy your holiday season and keep your health in the forefront.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make those boots last!

They are here. Beautiful, stylish, gotta have 'em boots are popping up in shoe department displays  everywhere you look! They are quietly waiting to be placed on your feet. You try them on, you walk in them, you fall in love them then you say I want them. Alas, a purchase is made! Now how exactly do you take care of your new boots?
Boots are an investment and like a car, you need to maintain them in order to have them for seasons to come. Boots should be conditioned at least every week or two depending on wear to remove outdoor elements along with scratches and scuffs. When looking for a conditioner, look for one that conditions as well as seals from water and scratches. Regular use will reduce buildup and for those with existing boots, rubbing the conditioner into the leather can restore life back to your boots and buff out old scratches.

When you are not wearing your boots, opt for a set of cedar boot trees in lieu of stuffing with plastic or paper. The cedar wood will absorb moisture quickly and freshen the insides of your boots. Simply insert the cedar boot trees into each boot and store away until the next use. When you store your boots, make sure you keep them away from a heat register. Heat will dry out the boot resulting in cracks and damage to the leather. 
Do you live in an area or travel to where salt is used to treat icy walkways and streets? The dreaded salt stain is actually easily removed. Try the vinegar and water solution to prevent salt stains from setttling into the leather. Take one part vinegar with two parts water and mix. Apply the solution with a soft cloth then allow to dry. Condition the boots and you are ready to go!
For those who travel and pack boots in luggage, consider boot bags to prevent scraps and marks. Boot bags will cover the entire boot. They are washable and will last for many travels.


Boots are a great addition to your fall and winter footwear collection. Visit the Healthy Steps store and try on our 2013 boot collection. These boots were made for walking with the perfect mix of style!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How clean is your locker room?

If you have a membership to your local Y, Rec Center or Health Club, frequenting the locker room is no surprise – but what heads home with you after your work out can be a surprise.  While your locker room may look clean with some having onsite maintenance crews cleaning throughout the day, is there any guarantee yourself from infection? The answer is no however there are a lot of ways to reduce the chance of infection. Here are a few tips to consider:
1.     Never….ever…ever walk barefoot in the locker room or anywhere in the club for that matter.  From walking to, being in and walking out of the shower, never allow yourself to be barefoot.  Have a pair of flip flops that are non-slip and are antimicrobial. We recommend the Tide sandal by Vionic (formerly known as Orthaheel).

2.     Use an antimicrobial body wash and a disposable loofah and disposable razors for one time use.

3.     Always use a clean towel whether your club provides towels or you bring your own and by the way, letting your towel dry then using it again does not cut it.

4.     Start the workout with clean socks then change into a fresh clean pair of socks after you finish. It’s tempting to wrap up the workout, grab your items and head out to run a couple of errands. What you are allowing by not changing your socks is a buildup of bacteria in your shoes. This compounded by heat you have a festival of infection just waiting to happen.

5.     Have a cold or nagging cough? Consider at home workouts until your bug is gone. Spreading germs amongst fellow club members just isn’t cool.

Enjoy your health club and dedicate yourself to focused workouts. With a little common sense and awareness, you can be happily healthy as you work on your goal!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor of the Feet

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

For many, this weekend closes out summer and welcomes in the fall season. Sandals are soon replaced with shoes and even boots as the month moves onward. This weekend, think about your feet - they truly are the laborers of your body.  Your feet are carrying you around while walking to running to cycling to kickboxing to rock climbing you name it. Basically, while you are motion, your feet are a major player.

Here is your list to ready your feet for fall:

Get a Pedicure, preferably by a Medical Nail Technician who specializes in aseptic techniques. Do not have your nails painted then…
See your Podiatrist for a full foot exam. Bring in your shoes, socks and insert or orthotics for a review. Be prepared to discuss your concerns and take notes during your visit. Also discuss with your doctor your current shoes and show examples. This will help your doctor see wear patterns and be on the lookout for potential issues with your gait.

Refresh your shoes. After a long hot summer of wear from walking to workouts, your shoes break down. Fall is a perfect time to replace athletic shoes and invest in cooler weather shoes.
Refresh your sock drawer. Do you have socks that are worn, discolored or added holes not present when you purchased them?  

Review your current shoes in your closet. Donate used shoes. There are many shoe donation programs who can reuse or recycle shoes.
Look at your foot accessories. Time to replace your foot buffer and nail files. When is the last time you cleaned your accessories – Yikes!

How about the shower floor? Is the shower disinfected regularly?  A quick spray of disinfectant is like an apple a day….it can keep bacteria away!

Following this check list will give your hard working feet a pep in each step!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Big Squeeze on Compression Socks

For those dealing with varicose veins, wearing compression socks can become a daily routine. Likewise, those with recurrent edema (swelling) of the lower leg know regular wear of compression socks can help in reducing swelling.

So what exactly is a compression sock? Compression socks differ from the dress and athletic socks sitting in your sock drawer as they contain strong elastics to provide pressure on your lower legs, ankles and feet. The materials typically used range from rubber or spandex. Some versions may contain additional padding on the sole for shock absorption. 

The compression level is at its highest on the foot and ankle then reducing compression toward the heart. The goal of the sock is to increase arterial pressure which causes more blood to return to the heart and less blood to pool in the feet.

Along with different levels of compression, different styles are offered. From dress versions to athletic socks, compression is fitting into every lifestyle.

Those who travel on long flights especially travel overseas find wearing compression socks greatly reduces swelling and help with lower leg fatigue. A new set of consumers are emerging in the market - athletes. In a recovery state such as a post run, studies have shown a faster recovery time along with reduced soreness. The jury however is still out on wearing compression socks during exercise. If the athlete feels better wearing them during exercise then I say rock on.

Talk with your Podiatrist to see if compression socks are the right choice for you then visit Healthy Steps for your compression sock selection!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Choose Healthy Steps Shoes?

Frequently we are asked what is different about our shoes. The shoe lines offered at Healthy Steps start with a review of each style within the line to ensure your foot health is at the forefront. Over the years, it has been a nice treat to see comfort shoes grow into a fashion forward look with our patients and customers enjoying each pair they purchase. The fall 2013 line is without exception. For the first time, Healthy Steps will offer boots that are supportive yet stylish!

Most of our shoes will accept custom or over the counter orthotics as they have removable shoe liners and have the depth necessary to accommodate both the foot and the orthotic or insert. In your better brands of shoes which can be found at Healthy Steps, a noted trend is shoe manufacturers are now offering support within the shoe. The built in orthotics can help align the feet along with support and let the wearer enjoy a look of style. This along with a deeper heel and roomy toe box offer a fit of comfort and protection.

Some styles also have anti-microbial protection offered within the shoes. This along with smart fibers for proper ventilation allow the feet to breathe and “thermo regulate” within the shoe.

In the next few weeks, we will receive our fall shoe line and we could not be more proud. We look forward to showing you our choices from top brands such as Naot, Vionic (formerly known as Orthaheel) and Dansko to name a few. We are also happy to introduce a new line of shoes for the working women who LOVE heels! We welcome
34 minutes shoes this fall.  New styles are available from Dr. Comfort and of course, Brooks running and walking shoes will debut new colors for the Fall/Winter season.

On behalf of our staff at Grapevine and our newest location, Keller, come check us out. We would like to meet you and your feet and help you on the way to happy, healthy steps!

If you would like to be contacted upon our fall shoe line arrival, send your name and a contact phone or email address to contactus@faant.com.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Teachers Feet Are Heading Back to School Too!

Calling all Teachers to Healthy Steps!

At Healthy Steps we want Teachers feet to not miss a beat in the classroom. New fall styles are arriving in the month of August. Stop in and visit with our staff for a complete fitting and review of the season's newest styles. Enjoy a 15% discount on your shoe and/or insert purchase when showing a valid ID at checkout.